Electric Sapphire

Electric Sapphire Wispers

Long Natural Feathers for
Feather Extensions, Qty1

contains 1 premium quality feather.

$7.95 AUD


Electric Sapphire Feather Set for feather extensions

Wispers are individual feathers which can be installed individually to make a subtle statement or combined together
to create you own personal look. This pack contains 1 high quality, super soft, salongrade featherin rich sapphire blue.
These feathers are long, slim and range in lengths from 9 to 12 inches (23-30.5cm).They are beautifully hand-dyed with organic dyes.You will always receive the longest feather we have in stock.

Take care of your feathers and they will last in your hair for months. They can be washed, blow dried and styled like yourown hair.